Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mary, YHWH did know

Read Luke 2 the account of Jesus's birth. v 7 "There was no room for them in the Inn".
Did not God the Father know that Mary, who has called "blessed among women" was giving birth in a Barn?
What if there was room at the Inn, who would miss out on the events? There are also other people in our drama of life, and they have their part to play as well.
The angels "who long to look into such things" (1Pet1:12c) may have difficulty in fully enjoying the scene, the shepherds wouldn't know that something amazing was happening, they of all people, wouldn't be allowed into a private birthing room.
The Maji may have had their safety compromised if they even found Jesus, as they were following a star not the "Best Western" Hotel Guide book.
Joseph who could sleep without distractions under the stars so that when he dreamt, he could respond quickly and leave to go to Egypt.

What was Mary's response?
She treasured up all those things and pondered them in her heart.
Mary a mother, and blessed among women with all the trials and hardships of her day can remind us that being "blessed" is not the same as "having life easy".